Move to the Middle Colonies!

It's the best place to live!


The Middle Colonies are located between the New England and the Southern Colonies. The location of the Middle Colonies provides rich deposits of iron ore. The Middle Colonies have more favorable farming conditions than in the New England Colonies. The Hudson and the Delaware rivers provide rich and fertile soil. The winters in the Middle Colonies are much milder than in the New England Colonies. The growing seasons last much longer than in any of the other colonies.


There is a variety of different jobs options in the Middle Colonies. You can become a farmer that raises pigs and cattle. You can work for wealthy families that own large estates as a patroon. Or you can even become an artisan that creates things like hardware, clocks, watches, guns, glass, nails, and locks. You can make your money from cash crops, from the rich deposits of iron ore, or you can purify iron ore to make nails, tools, or parts of guns.


The Middle Colonies have a legislature that has the power to make all of the laws. Each colony has its own rules about who can vote. There are counties rather than villages that became the centers of the local government.


The Middle Colonies don't have a religion that people typically practice. The Middle Colonies have religious freedom. People that live in the Middle Colonies aren't concerned about what religion their neighbor is or if they even have one at all! Everyone is excepted into the Dutch Reformed Church, whether you're Roman Catholic, French Protestants, Jewish, Quakers, or any other religion. Most Dutch colonists are mainly Protestants that belonged to the Dutch Reformed Church.

Daily Life/Kids

The Middle Colonies have excellent schools. In the Middle Colonies they have private school that provide excellent education. Mostly boys go to school, while the girls mostly stay at home learning skills from their mothers that teach them how to spin wool, weave, and embroider.


In the Middle Colonies, slavery is in very high demand. There are many slaves brought to the Middle Colonies from Africa to work as laborers. They can help you with anything from farming to artisan work.