NO NO Drugs & Sex


When To Say NO?

Every teenager has their times where there are situations they have to deal with. Most decisions we the teenagers make can seem like the right thing at first but in the long run we mess up. Learn to say no tow hat you think can leave consequences and precautions. Don't let something that feels good that second destroy a life time. Make a change and the right descison

9 Steps

1. Say “NO THANKS”. The easiest but some forget to try it. This often works

when you are faced with friendly or teasing pressure.

2. Give a Reason, Fact or Excuse. The excuse needs to get you away from the

person or situation. Practice an excuse so that you won’t hesitate and will sound

confident. Have a code word to use with your parents. Text them the word and have

them call to say you need to come home.

“My mom just called. Sorry..I gotta go. Something’s going on at home”.

“My parents would ground me for life”

“I forgot that I have a doctor’s appt. this afternoon”

“I already lost my phone privileges last week. If they find me doing this stuff I

will not be able to go anywhere for a month!”

3. Walk Away. One of the most effective refusal skills. You may feel obligated to

stand and face “the enemy” but you need to just leave. Say no and walk away while

saying it.

4. Change the Subject. You can offer another alternative activity.

“No. Let’s go play ball instead”

“Let’s go get a snack at my house. I’m hungry.”

“I wanted to play my Xbox this afternoon”

5. Use Humor.

“No thanks. This stuff stunts my growth. I want to be tall to play ball.”

“Man, I need all the brain cells I can get. No thanks.”

“Pot makes you fat, stupid and gives you yellow teeth..I’ll pass.” 6. Broken Record or Repeated Refusal. Keep saying “no” over and over again. It

will buy you some time to use another refusal technique or be an annoyance.

7. Cold Shoulder or Ignore. Avoid directly confronting the person. Turn your

shoulder and talk to someone else or just ignore them like you don’t hear them.

8. Avoid the Situation. Common sense tells you the places and times where there

maybe problems with peer pressure. Avoid these situations.

9. Strength in numbers. The truth is simple. If you surround yourself with friends

that make good choices then you will too. The opposite is true as well. One of your most

important choices you can make is the choice of your friends. Choose to hang out with



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As a Drug/Sex Free Person, I pledge to lead the way by:

1. Living a drug-free life , Wait until marriage for sex

2. Showing my friends that a drug free life is more fun

a) Sex can wait , don't rush it

3. Helping my fellow Drug Free citizens

a) lower early child birth in our community

4. Learning more about how drugs really harm people

a) Learn how your at risk for diseases and pregnancy

5. Telling people the truth about the harmful effects of drugs and sex

6. Helping my family and friends dot eh right thing

7. Setting a good example to all children, by leading the way