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Did you know that swallows have wings that look like crystals? They grow on them when they are three months old. They have a nose on the side of there eye that’s so cool right . They have hard hearing there eyes to see what other birds are saying

Where Swallows live

Swallows build their nest under in dark places like barns and sheds .They also build their nest out out of mud straw and sometimes First they find what they need When there nest start t to teardown they use horse hair and mud most of it is mud.When there nest start to tear down they rebuild it.

What they need

Swallows eat flies caterpillars they find there food on flowers and high places.

Important facts

Swallows live up to 7 years. They drink out of a blue river. at fall all the birds gather up to fly out to warm places .While the birds are

flying they take stops .Swallows are blue .

All swallows live in a nest .They eat all kinds of insects .Swallows try to be very very quiet when catching their prey

Swallows have beautiful blue feathers.