World Hunger

By: Danielle Lucas


climate and weather causes natural disasters which also causes crops to be destroyed. when the crops are destroyed there is nothing for people to eat. There's also drought which is hard for crops to grow because they need water. ( causes)


Did you know hunger kills more people every year than Aids, Malaria, and tuberculosis combined. 805 million people in the world is hungry. 98% in developing countries are hungry. 526 million people in Asia and the Pacific, 227 million people in Africa, and 37 million people in Latin America/ Caribbean. (
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Solutions (schools)

In some schools they have school meal projects where they pack backpacks with food for the less fortunate. They also have a paper for lunch that says you can get free lunch. Most schools will have a donation and have competitions between classes for who ever brings more food in gets a prize or food. In some schools they aren't as fortunate to have food so they make their own in a garden behind the school. (


One website ( is where you click on the website and it sends a note to the less fortunate to make them feel better and make them think they don't have to worry anymore. By clicking on the website it will send $1.00 toward the "Sustainable school meals". last year they had up to $300,000 the first month. (