How to Save Endangered Species

How do organisms become endangered?

Organisms become endangered when their species is at risk of going extinct or no longer existing on Earth. There are many factors that cause this and they include: hunting for clothing or food etc., pollution, global warming, disease, the demolition of habitats, and more. Through out the history of the Earth, many species have gone extinct, but with knowledge and the want to make a difference, we can make that difference in whether or not species stay alive. Every day, a new team could be working to keep a species alive by learning their living habits, what they eat, their genetic makeup, and how they react to others of their species.

Why Should the Government be a part of protecting Species of animals?

  • With rules that would be kept imposed by the Government, we could keep hunting and poaching from occurring on a large level and help to avoid crimes against animals.
  • Since most of the actions the Government take are widely publicized, the movement to help species continue life would become much more well known. The more people who know about the movement mean more people who could take action to help.
  • From the money the Government receives in taxes, they could assist in funding the actions to keep the endangered species alive. The cost to provide this is paid back by the Earth and animals keeping its natural cycle instead of the Earth losing a species that keeps the whole cycle of life going smoothing and well. (The amount it would cost each person on Earth would less than $1 each month.)

Why is Government Involvment a Bad Idea?

  • Using the county's money (taxes) to fund the movement of keeping animal species alive may create an economic decline from loss of funds and resources. (A team of international members approximated the amount of funds needed to create stable and managed land sites to approximately $74 billion dollars per year and this number is less than a more diverse environment would cost to provide.)
  • The Government's involvement would not bring enough attention to the situation to make a large enough difference.
The Endangered Species Club Theme Song

What We Need to Do

Whether or not the Government gets involved, we need to. Simply by reducing how much water and energy you use, maybe helping to plant your own or neighborhood gardens, recycling plastics and paper, and being conscious and conservative about what materials you use and throw away could help to reduce global warming and habitat loss and in turn help to conserve our world's wildlife. Social media is also such an enormous part of our world today and by posting a date of an event, news on the movement, or simply something inspirational about the movement itself could aid in raising awareness and possibly saving an endangered species.
Created By: Maddy Taylor and Logan Miller