Jackie Robinson; Perserverence

Exapmles from "The Noble Expiriment"


When Branch Ricky is talking to Jackie about the box score, Jackie says that the score is the only thing that matters in the game, but not everybody looks at it that way.(Robinson Pg. 294)


When Sukeforth said he wanted to talk with him, Robinson thought it was going to be another time wasting experience. However, he still went with him as cynical as he was.(Robinson Pg.294)

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“Could I turn the other cheek? I don’t know how I would do it. Yet I know that I must. I had to do it for so many reasons” (Robinson Pg.295)


“Beanballs would be throw at me. I would be called the kinds of names that would hurt and infuriate any man. Could I take all this and control my temper, remain steadfastly loyal to our ultimate aim?”

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