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December Newsletter

What Have We Been Up To?

This month, our stories have been focused on cause and effect and drawing conclusions/making inferences. We've also worked with a variety of nouns including common nouns, proper nouns, singular and plural nouns, and possessive nouns. Each week, we continue to practice our spelling words with choice boards, but practice at home is always a great idea.

After finishing up our unit on estimation, factors, and multiples, we moved to tables and graphs. We've been doing a variety of activities including interpreting and creating graphs using data from our classmates. Math facts continue to be a challenge to conquer, so keep practicing at home! Look out for the orange practice slips that usually come home on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Test Results

Each week, you can expect to see a quarter-sheet of paper in your student's take home folder. This will let you know their spelling and vocabulary test scores for the week. These scores are also entered into Infinite Campus. Spelling test scores can also be found on Spelling City.
The Hour of Code

Student Pick Up

We are making a school-wide effort to minimize chaos at the end of our school day. To do so, we are requesting that any parents/guardians picking up their students at the end of the day wait to do so in the gym. This will help to open up the entrance area, allowing students to get to the busses/gym safely and efficiently. THANK YOU!
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Creating 3-D snowflakes has added a winter-feel to our classroom.
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Bridge Ball is our newest Morning Meeting activity.

Pajama Day December 23rd!

Short Week Happenings

On Monday, December 21st, we will be walking to the preschool help out the Mighty Dragon students! We will spend our time helping the preschool students with a craft, creating a tasty snack, and using our reading skills to entertain with read alouds.

Tuesday, December 22nd will be a celebration of Christmas Around the World as students travel to 5 different countries. They will make their way through each of the 4th grade classrooms to learn about another country, stamping their passports along the way. Expect to see some interesting projects after this day of travel.

Our class Christmas party is coming up Wednesday, December 23rd. We will spend the afternoon enjoying treats and watching a movie in our pajamas. Please note that this is a student-only event, as we celebrate the upcoming holidays with our peers.

Happy Holidays!

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