American Revolution Research

Harrison Smith, Visco 5

Declaration of Independence

On July 4th, 1776, the mistreatment of King George had finally reached the brink for the colonists, and the colonists drafted their reasons for independence. The Declaration of Independence was not solely to the King, but instead, a list of reasons of the need of freedom to the entire world.

Intolerable Acts

The intolerable acts were the British pariliment's way of punishing the colonists for the Boston Tea Party.

Common Sense

Common Sense was a pamphlet written by a strongly biased patriot, Thomas Paine, discussing how it was frankly common sense to gain independence.

Boston Massacre

The Boston Massacre was a bloody street fight between mobs and stationed British troops, in which British troops open fired on colonists including Crispus Attucks, and killed 5 colonists.

Boston Tea Party

The Boston Tea Party was a revolt by the Americans in which a large sum of British Tea was poured into Boston Harbor in response to taxes from the British.