Lineville Technology

Typing Web

  • In typing web we learn to type.
  • We do various typing exercises to strengthen our typing abilities.
  • This program is a very good tool for getting ready for the big world.


  • We do iTrailer to learn presenting skills.
  • Presenting skills are very useful in the real world for jobs when you may be presenting new ideas for your company.
  • Its a very fun but useful unit.

Career Locker

  • Career locker is a program that you can look for colleges and job opportunities.
  • It has various quizzes to help find your most probable job.
  • I believe that Career Locker is one of the most useful program we use in Lineville technology.

Haiku Deck

  • Haiku Deck is another way to present and is probably more probable than iTrailer for future job.
  • Although Haiku Deck doesn't allow you to type very long paragraphs it allows you to make a colorful presentation.
  • This subject is very enjoyable!

Explain Everything

  • If you use explain everything you've made a good choice.
  • You can make a voice presentation and it would be useful for projects in school.
  • Its also a fun app to play around with.

Email ettiquette

  • Although one of the boring units it only lasts a couple of days.
  • It is a very useful unit and could get you jobs in the future just by your email ettiquette!
  • Your teachers will be happy if you use this tool while emailing them.

Hour of Code

  • Probably the most fun unit!
  • Uses various excercisesto train you to code.
  • Also teaches java script.