"Paws"itive Points

Issue 13 - November 16, 2015

Tavia's Thoughts

Rigor and relevance has been a buzz term in education for years . What does this term really mean?? Rigor has us to really challenging our students to think critically and creatively, and to problem solve task. Learning is relevant when students understand how the learning and content has some application in their lives.

I spent some time Friday afternoon reflection on my Lead and Learn Day. During the day "Rigor and Relevance" came up a lot. It hit me like a ton of bricks that the 3 R's (Rigor, relevance and relationships) are the key to student engagement, student growth. ummm.... to closing the achievement gap. I already knew that, but my wheels started turning. Let it sink in. I started to shift my thoughts to classrooms and wondered how much of the two do we have happening at PSE???

Study the picture below then, click on the link below to read an interesting article. Afterwards, think about the questioned posed:

Self Reflection: Is your instruction full of rigor and relevancy?

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November 16-20

  • Thinking Strategies Institute

November 17

  • "Paw"fessional Learning @ 2:45
  • Make Up Picture Day

November 18

  • TSI Visitors

November 19

  • I Teams
  • TSI Visitors

November 20

  • Career Day

Extra Duties


Front Hallway Mrs. Hymer

Bus (AM & PM) Mrs. Campanell, Mr. Carter, Mr. Anderson

Breakfast Ms. Spry, Ms. Tipton, Mrs. Collins

Gym (AM) Ms. Bland, Mrs. Vermillion

Car Rider (AM) Mrs. Acklin, Mrs. Hodges, Mrs. Duvall and 3 Student Leaders from Mrs. Warren's Class

Car Rider (PM) Mrs. Acklin, Mrs. Proctor, Mrs. Rogers, Ms. Henson, Mrs. Seely, Mrs. Smith


At Team PSE...we are Pursuing Standards of Excellence. At Team PSE we collaboratively teach students to love, learn, and lead....TEAM PSE.

Emily’s Enthusiastic Information

I’ve been getting into classrooms conducting multiple observations and I am enjoying seeing your teaching style and the level of engagement in the classroom. Another one of the many things I’ve noticed is your classroom environments. In the book Teaching with Intention, by Debbie Miller, she has a chapter that is all about classroom environment. Many of your classrooms remind me of this chapter when the author says, “Instead, everything on those walls was purposeful and authentic. In just that brief glimpse, we had a clear sense of what that teacher and those kids were all about. Nobody told us. Nobody had to. That’s because much of the teaching, learning and thinking had been made visible, public, and permanent. We saw not only the evidence of learning, but also the processes students and their teacher used to get there.”

Many of the classroom environments at PSE are this way. When someone comes in your classroom, they notice the environment first. What things are intentionally hanging in your classroom? Do they have a specific purpose for hanging there? Is it authentic and does it relate to real learning going on right now? You and your students inhabit those classrooms and you are teaching real content. Think about your classroom environment. Could you modify your classroom environment to display the authentic learning going on within those four walls?

Maggie’s Moments

Next week, Nov. 17-20, OVEC is hosting a PEBC Thinking Strategies Institute at the Blair Center. Stevie Quate and Michelle Morrison Jones, from PEBC in Denver will be facilitating the conference. As part of the 4 day conference, the participants will be spending Wednesday and Thursday mornings in SCPS Peer Learning Labs across our district to learn alongside our lab hosts about Workshop and Thinking Strategies. We will have TWO Labs here at PSE: Mrs. Fallen and Ms Hance. We welcome these guests to PSE and look forward to learning alongside them.

As a courtesy, I would request that we would leave our front upper parking lot and the lot right in front of the school for our guests. I anticipate 10-12 guest between the two labs, which means many extra cars. This is a great opportunity to talk to your students about having guests in our school and putting our “best foot forward”.

Mrs. Fallen and Ms Hance, we are excited and wish you much success. Yay #TeamPSE!!!

Hymer's Hype

Due to the upcoming TSI: Thinking Strategies Institute, we will have i-teams in your classrooms next week, like we do data teams. Please email me what room you would like to meet in so that we can get going as quickly as possible. Kindergarten and Fifth grades- we could still meet in the i-team room if you like, just let me know. Also, if you have any questions, or need help with anything related to i-teams, please email me beforehand and we will try to get an answer before Thursday. Have a great week!

Jackies' Friendly FRC Facts

The resource center is in need of 2 things, All size Belts and Men’s Size Pants and Shirts. If you personally have any of these items that you can donate, please bring them in. I will be sending out a newsletter to parents in the near future with similar requests.

There are yellow flyers in your boxes for the Family Game Night! Please put in the Take Home Tuesday folders and encourage your students to attend! This will be a fun night for all; we would love to have some parent volunteers, as well!

I am out of the office at the Leader In Me Symposium this week Monday through Wednesday; please email me or leave me a note if you have concerns that you will need me to address when I return.

Administration Off Campus

Artavia- Thurs.-OVOP AM

Emily -

Maggie -

Monday out all day Coaches with PEBC trainer

Tuesday: Out in a.m…..TSI p.m. Blair

Wednesday: TSI Lab a.m./PSE

Thursday: TSI Lab a.m./PSE

Friday: TSI Blair



OUT: LIM Symposium, Mon – Wed

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Ann Louise Hance & Heather Fallen will be Lab Host this week during TSI!! Whoot! Whoot!

We will be well represented this week during TSI. The visitors are in for a treat when the come to visit PSE. Thank you Ann and Heather for opening up your classrooms and thank you for all you do for Team PSE. I can't wait to see who we have that will join them in the Spring! YEP!! I just issued the challenge because they are in good company here. Who's next?

PLEASE park in the back lot Wednesday and Thursday of this week so that we have enough parking for our visitors.

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Please keep Emily Campanell in your thoughts and prayers as she lost her grandmother last week.
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November Birthdays

Virginia Raisor- 6th

Devan McCoy- 13th

Larry Gravett- 14th

Lia Veras- 18th

Bobby Ivers & Don Lyles- 19th

Emily Campanell- 27th