What Do Children Need?

By Annika Tuuling


They need water.

All living things need water in order to survive, and if you don't provide your child with water they will perish within 3 days.

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They need common sense.

To survive in this world, there are some simple facts and rules that everyone must follow. Don't fly a kite during a thunderstorm, don't poke a sleeping grizzly bear with a stick, don't set yourself on fire, etc. If the child has common sense then they have a better chance of survival.

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They need stability.

Without stability, feelings of anxiety or problems with behavior are more likely to occur, as the child will feel like they don't have control over anything in their life. They need a constant, something they can always rely on.

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They need someone that they can relate to.

The child needs to be able to feel like they're not alone in this world. They need someone that can understand what they feel and why.

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