Minnesota newcomers recruitment

By Derek Erdman

Minnesota is great!

Minnesota is the fastest growing territory. Theres lots of trees and land. The soil is great for farming and we have a governor legislator and our own court!

Another reason

Theres lots of land theres lots of trees why don't you move here and you can see!

Places to go

You can visit fort snelling which is a military base. It is important because it was made on the first land they ever got in Minnesota. It also protects the fur trade which is very important.

Important Person

Alexander Ramsey made several treaties with the indians. He also is the territorial governor. He is another reason you should move to Minnesota!

How you should travel

There is lots of steamboats that will bring you to minnesota. Most immigrants ride those. There is also plenty of other ways and even more being invented.

Harriet Bishop

Harriet Bishop Quotes " I have know Minnesota from its infancy and have loved it as a parent does a child, till my very being is entwined with here interests; and to me it is fit for paradise. Come to Minnesota, but bring with you principles firm and unyielding."