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What is Friendly Water?

Friendly Water is a nonprofit organization where the main goal is to create long lasting solutions to provide safe drinking water to those in need. Friendly water believes that education is something that is overlooked when it come to solving word issues. By providing students and their families with something that they can use to donate to this organization, students are given the chance to make a difference, even if it's just having a keychain scanned at the grocery store. Many children in Africa (about 1400) die every day from preventable water related diseases. They suffer the injustice of having to drink dirty, contaminated water every day. The women and children have to walk for long hours to bring water back to their village. Why must they suffer, when here in America whenever we want water we have filtered water available in our homes . We are developing solutions to aid in the water crisis in Africa.

How did the water crisis happen?

The water crisis is caused by a number of things. Drought, lack of sanitation, and pollution are all a few causes of the water crisis. The water crisis is that many people don't have access to safe water and proper sanitation, which is causing millions of people a year to die from preventable water related diseases. Women and children spend their days fetching water and therefore have no time to get an education or a job to make an income. This traps them in a never ending cycle of poverty. The people have little money to pay for medicine, nor are they aware of the safety hazards that come with their daily lives in suffering from the water crisis. They don't have access to proper sanitation stations, so they can rarely bathe, wash their cloths or their hands. This is spreading even more germs that lead to disease. And also because of lack of sanitation, safe water disposal and storage, the water that they drink is contaminated by animals,insects,dirt,etc. Imagine what your life would be like if you had to walk for about 4 miles everyday just to get water that can potentially make you sick, and imagine going some days without any water at all. We can't imagine that because we would never have to worry about that. But for people in Africa suffering from the crisis, they don't have to imagine because that is their lives. The water crisis in Africa needs to end now, and that is what Friendly water is trying to do, one community at a time.

748 million don't have access to safe water

2.5 billion people dont have access to proper sanitation.

What are we doing to make a difference?

Friendly water is setting up outreach programs with local schools and companies. Hopefully as the organization grows we will be able to expand the school outreach program into different continents. We provide key chains to schools to give out to the parents of the students so that whenever they shop at the companies involved they get the key chains scanned and a percentage of the money they spend goes to friendly water. Then our volunteers go to the countries we are helping and learn about the communities, the people, their situations, and how the water crisis is affecting them. The next step is to educate the people on the topic. Teach them about the importance of proper hygiene and water disposal. With the money we raised from the school outreach program we install the structure, the main technology's that we use are rainwater catchers, water rope pumps,etc. These structures may break down at some point and need repair. So once we install it and see the happy faces because of the clean flowing water, we do follow up education on how to use the machine, and how to fix it in case it breaks down. All that is left to do is to hand over the machine. To make sure that this solution process is long lasting, friendly water comes back to the countries we have helped and do checkups and evaluations. To make sure that we have actually helped people and not wasted time and money. These steps make sure that there is a long term effect and people are provided with safe drinking water, as well as being educated on how to maintain it. It helps people around the world to be able to make a difference, and spread awareness about the water crisis. Every year we raise money using the school outreach program and target one specific country in Africa to help,hopefully we will be able to reach all of them someday.

We are Friendly Water, Who are You?

If you want to make a difference in this world, what are you waiting for? No one should ever have to suffer from the water crisis. Reach out to Friendly water or your local non-profit and start helping today.

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