Marine Biologist

Career Discription

Marine scientists are involved in research, analysis and forecasts in relation to the oceans, their life forms and coastal areas. They analyse the sea and its interaction with the land, atmosphere and sea floors and use the information gained to predict changes to the earth’s infrastructure, inform statutory legislation and encourage environmental protection.


The estimated annual job openings for a Marine Biologist is 4 with the percentage of it's workers being in the range of the age of 25-34.


The annual wage they receive is $16.55/hr and the highest wage you can earn is $41.50/hr.
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The typical education level that a Marine Biologist must have is a Bachelor's degree which Pellissippi has a path in Associate of Applied Science where a student who begins at one community college may transfer to complete the A.A.S. degree in another area of study or at another college.

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