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December 11, 2015

Dear Parents,

It was an exciting week of theme days, purchasing gifts at the Santa Shop, and participating in the Hour of Code! If your child would like to do some more computer programming, I included the Hour of Code tutorials link in the Parent and Student Resources section below.

We also finished our mid-year NWEA reading and math assessments. I could tell the children were giving it their personal best and I am very proud of them!

Please see below for important dates to add to your calendar, our upcoming field trip, a video about Hour of Code, and information about classroom expectations for behavior.

I'll be relaxing and doing some lesson planning in front of our fireplace this weekend. I hope you and yours are able to find some time to relax, too!

As always,

Kelly Burton

Important Dates

Text @7b47d4 to 81010 to receive these reminders via text at 3:30pm the day prior.

Monday 12/14
  • Special: Technology
  • Return/renew school library books
  • Field Trip Permission Slip sent home in red folder
Tuesday 12/15
  • Special: PE
  • Logophiles Group 1 progress check over the sounds of long o and short o
Wednesday 12/16
  • Special: Art
Thursday 12/17
  • Special: Music
  • Logophiles Group 2 progress check over the sounds of long o and short o
Friday 12/18
  • Special: Technology
  • Weekly Reading Log due today
  • Logophiles Group 3 progress check over the sounds of c, h, and ch.
  • All School Holiday Sing-A-Long @ 2:00pm
  • Winter Classroom Parties @ 2:30pm
  • End of Quarter 2
Saturday 12/19 through Sunday 01/03
  • Winter Break
Monday 01/04
  • Teacher Work Day / Flex Day (No Students)
Thursday 01/14
  • Class / Group Pictures
Monday 01/18
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday / Flex Day (No Students)
Wednesday 01/20
  • Early Release Day @ 2:55pm
Thursday 01/21
  • Children's Museum Field Trip

Children's Museum Field Trip

Second grade will be taking a field trip to the Children's Museum of Indianapolis Thursday, January 21, 2016 9am-2pm. Field trip permission slips will be sent home Monday, December 14, 2015.

How much will it cost?

The cost will be $5.00 per student and $7.50 per chaperone. If you need financial assistance, please contact me.

Do you need chaperones?

There will be four chaperones from each class. Chaperones will be determined on a first come first serve basis.

What does my child need to take on the field trip?

Students and chaperones should bring a disposable sack lunch for this field trip. If your child needs a sack lunch from the school cafeteria, please make sure there is money in the account beforehand. We will not be carrying lunch boxes, water bottles, etc. around the museum.

How is this field trip linked to in-class learning?

During the next 9 weeks, your child will be learning about force and motion in class. Your child will be participating in a STEM-based experience called "Test Track" at the Children's Museum of Indianapolis. The students will collaborate to complete a scientific test to discover how different surfaces affect speed and motion. Students will learn how friction affects the way model cars move on a track. It should be a fun day of learning!

Cracking the code: Push to teach computer science in classrooms

Expectations for Behavior

Positive behavior is an expectation for every student at Hazel Dell Elementary. Student behavior is guided by school policies and our school-wide Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) program. This program focuses on reinforcing positive behavior.

Each day students pledge to “Do the Right Thing” and “Treat People Right” by demonstrating a good attitude, making good choices, and doing their best work. Students can earn Hawk tickets from teachers and staff by demonstrating positive behavior such as:
  • listening attentively
  • talking at appropriate times
  • asking for help when needed
  • thinking through and solving conflicts/problems independently
  • giving, restating, and following 2-step directions
  • staying on task and completing work
  • organizing and taking care of supplies and personal property
  • giving personal best effort on work
  • participating and working cooperatively within a group
  • showing respect to student and adults
  • displaying self control
  • following rules and routines
  • showing responsibility by taking school materials home and returning them on time
Hawk tickets can be exchanged for special activities and experiences, such as telling a teacher-approved joke to the class or bringing a stuffy to school.

While our focus is on positive behavior, nobody makes positive choices all the time. These "teachable moments" are opportunities to review what is expected, determine the barriers to positive behavior, and identify how to make better choices in the future. The teacher and student collaborate to find a solution. If it becomes a repeated issue, parents are notified to assist in supporting the child's efforts to demonstrate positive behavior at school. If a student continues to have difficulty demonstrating positive behavior at school, a meeting may be held with the child, parents, and teacher to create a specific plan to support the child in demonstrating positive behavior at school.

Teaching Points

Next week in Wordy Study we will continue differentiated word study groups. Your child will learn:
  • Logophiles (Group 1) compare and contrast the sounds of short o and long o.
  • Logophiles (Group 2) compare and contrast the sounds of short o and long o.
  • Logophiles (Group 3) compare and contrast the sounds of c, h, and ch.
Next week in Reading Workshop we will pay close attention to intentions of authors. Your child will learn:
  • Readers pay attention to an author's craft when they read, noticing what authors do, why they do it, and how.
  • Readers can try the author's craft moves in their writing, too.
  • Readers notice the ways an author makes the parts of a story click together.
  • Readers can retell a book to think about what lessons the author wants to teach.
  • Readers celebrate their accomplishments and leave tips to help future readers.
Next week in Second Steps we will continue our unit on emotion management. Your child will learn:
  • Everyone feels angry sometimes, but hurting other people's feelings or bodies is not okay.
  • It's important to calm down angry feelings so you don't do something hurtful.
  • Being assertive is a respectful way to get what you want or need.
Next week in Math Workshop we will continue our unit on 3-D and 2-D shapes. Your child will learn:
  • Mathematicians use arrays to model multiplication.
  • Mathematicians name, compare, and construct polygons.
  • Mathematicians sort attributes according to a rule.
  • Mathematicians create other shapes out of rectangles and triangles.
  • Mathematicians identify characteristics of quadrangles.
  • Mathematicians compare quadrangles.

Next week in Writing Workshop we will continue our unit on opinion writing. Your child will learn:

  • Writers make their letter writing stronger by writing opinions about more than one part of the book and planning different parts of their letter before drafting.
  • Writers read closely and carefully when writing about reading, paying attention to details that others may pass over. They use new details to grow new ideas.
  • When supporting opinions about a text, writers look for multiple pieces of evidence to support each idea.
  • Authors can turn to mentor texts whenever they have a question about writing.

Parent & Student Resources

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