Personal Presentation

Neyshaly Santiago

Why did I chose this class?

I chose this class because it relates to the field that I want to major in. I want to be able to know the basic of psychology before I begin college and hopefully this class will help me decide if I want to major in Psychology.

About me:

  • I am from Puerto Rico.
  • I spend most of my time in watching new shows on Netflix.
  • Favorite shows are One Tree Hill, Finding Carter and Arrow/The Flash.
  • When I am not on Netflix, I am usually Reading, Writing or Blogging.
  • I want to be a forensic psychologist.
  • I am scared of bugs, sharks, jelly fish, basically every moving, living thing.
  • If I could ever have a super power to bend space and time.

Why do I enjoy Byron Nelson?

I enjoy Byron Nelson because it has a variety of classes, which gives us an opportunity learn about different career fields.

Who do I follow on Twitter?

Carol Rosetti is a graphic designer and journalist. She spends her time making posters to encourage all young women to be themselves and not society determine their life.