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Weekly Update for December 11, 2015

Important Upcoming Dates

Midterm Graduation Reception

  • Monday, December 14

Last Day of the Fall Semester

  • Thursday, December 17

Winter Break

  • Friday, December 18 - Tuesday, January 5
First Day of the Spring Semester
  • Tuesday, January 5

CAASPP Practice Test

Do you want to practice taking the CAASPP test? Click on the link below. Once on the page, select the green box that says "Student Interface Practice Training Test." Then, select the grade level and subject area that you would like to practice. To become more comfortable with the interface, you can test in a grade level below for the first time.

*If you have recently done updates on your computer, you might not be able to access the interface.

Update: K - 6th Grades

K-6 Holiday party is this coming Wednesday, December 16th from 9:30-12:00pm. A big thank you to the families that are bringing in treats for the party. Please have your child wear feast holiday clothes for the party. We will have lots of fun making crafts, eats treats, and playing games.

K-6: Science Vendor Spring Schedule

One of our science vendors, Nancy Stenzler, has her Spring semester schedule all ready to go. Please take a look and see if there are some classes that your K-8th grader might like to do. The classes fill up quickly, sign up today.

Update: 7th - 8th Grades

  • Please help! Our middle school art class needs some yarn. If you have ANY yarn that is of ANY color, we will put it to very good use in our art class. Thank you!
  • There are only two weeks left in the fall semester. Do your very best work and finish strong!

The Hour of Code

Wow! This week, Khan Academy is offering a free hour of introductory instruction to computer programming. You can learn program drawings using JavaScript and learn to make your own webpages. Visit Khan Academy for more information or click the link below to start your Hour of Code. You'll be a computer whiz in no time!

Know Someone Who Might Be Interested in Vista Oaks?

We are accepting applications for the Spring Semester! Know someone who might be interested in learning about Vista Oaks Charter School? Feel free to forward the Weekly Updates or have them call our office at 365-4060.

Business Office Phone Number: (209) 365-4060