cell division

Rasool Jones

This website will show you how the cell cycle work

this will help you know what the cell cycle is about they will use a pie diagram and what will be inside the pie diagram is mitosis, cytokinesis, and interphase; it will break it all down showing the details of mitosis, cytokinesis, and interphase.

Cell cycle quiz

1.)Which one is the correct order of the phases of the cell cycle?



2.)What is the division of the cytoplasm is called?

3.)Which one is the correct order of the phases of mitosis?



4.)Does DNA replication occurs in mitosis



5.)Mitosis and cytoplasmic division resulting what of type of formation?


This video talks about how mitosis work

it tells you the concept of how the chromosomes break out the cell membrane and they begin to separate to create two cell membranes: Once the two cell membranes are created they will make the cell split into two cells

Mitosis quiz

1.)What is the name of the two circular objects the cell membrane?

2.)What is the name for the string like subject that makes the cell membrane disappear?

3.)Once the cell membrane disintegrated what happen next?

4.)What does the chromosomes do after being attach to the spindles?

5.)What happen after the all the chromosomes are line up in the center?

6.) Where do the chromosomes go once they are broken a part?

7.)During the process of the spindles braking the chromosomes a part what happens to the cell?

8.)Why are there two nucleus?

9.)Once mitosis is complete what happens next?

10.)If the nuclea I and cytoplasm are separated what happens to the cell itself?

This website will give good information on how meiosis work

it shows what happen after a sperm cell and a egg cell combine to create a diploid also called a germline cell

-this website does the same steps that were shown in mitosis and the cell cycle but the germline cell develop new phases that are meiosis 2, prophase 2, metaphase 2, anaphase 2 , and telophase 2 & cytokinesis by making four cells.

Meiosis Quiz

1.)What are centromeres divided in?

2.)Which one describes meiosis 2 in humans?



3.)Which one is the correct events in the proper order In which they occur during meiosis 1

1=separation of homologous chromosomes 2=synapsis 3=crossing over 4=independent assortment



4.)What are germ-line cells called?

5.)What occurs in prophase 1?