National Space Centre



We really hope you enjoy the National Space Centre.

Enjoy! Try to find out as much as posible about our fun

and entertaining space centre. Theres fun for all the family

Small Space Todler Day

On March 28th we will be holding a special day for todlers to enjoy. Featuring stories, astronaut presentation, songs and trails, this is a fun and interactive way for young children to continue their early educational development. There is also the chance to see a special show featuring the planets and even meet our own Astronaut George.

Kodu Sputnik Game

This is a game about a kodu being

atacked by several sputniks. Your goal

is to survive.

3D sim

The Spaceflight Induction Module is the only one in the UK. Seating up to 17 astronauts, you will take a white knuckle ride from the Earth’s moon, through meteorite showers and radiation clouds, before the hair-raising ice canyon run on Europa itself. Join the rest of the crew for a briefing session about your journey to the inhospitable ice moon, before boarding the spacecraft for your 3D mission.

Rocket Tower

Imagine if you could encounter real rockets, see the first sci-fi movie ever made, take the ultimate water rocket challenge, blast off into space inside the Vostok Capsule, see a dog spacesuit, see the last piece of genuine moon rock to be returned to Earth and challenge yourself to pilot the “Eagle” onto the lunar surface. Now put them all in one amazing Rocket Tower. Welcome to the National Space Centre.