What you need to know about degrees

Nehemiah Delgado

Associate Degrees

An associate degree is the lowest possible degree you could have. You could be a Gift shop assistant-Part time,part time telephone service representative. A school you cold go to is a common community or junior collages and trade and professional schools. You have to go full time for 60 hours. It cost $8,000.

Bachelor's Degree

An bachelor degree is the second degree you could get. You could be a social worker or an program special list. You could go to a private or public school to get this degree. It takes 4 years and 120 hours. It cost $21,000.

Master's Degree

Master Degree is the third best degree you can get. You could be an Mental health or an project manager. You could go to a private or public universities. You need 60 hours and 2 years to get it. It cost $24,000.

Doctorate Degree

A doctorate is the highest degree you could get.