My Science Fair

Steve Koshy

Background Info

There are many different types of pens out in the world, but they are all different. You can decide between quality or quantity. There are some pens that do not work very well, but they are cheap. On the flip side there are good pens but they are expensive. In very few cases there are pens that are cheap but also work well. There are different color inks as well, many different colors in fact. Some colors are more dense than others, and maybe that affects how long the pen will last.

Pen companies include, Bic, Mont Blanc, and Parker. Some pens will be sold in packets of 10 and above, because they are of cheaper quality. Usually pens that are of higher build quality will be sold in very low quantity at high prices. Two high quality pens will be worth almost the same as 10 cheaper quality pens. This is because the pens look better, does this mean they are though?

Some high quality pens are hard to write with and do not last nearly as long as other pens. While some cheap pens last longer and are more efficient when it comes to writing. People buy pens because they think that they look cool so they will work better, but sometimes it can be the complete opposite. That is what the project will test.

Pens are used to write on paper or other materials with ink. Some do this in different ways than others though. Some pens are ball point, which means they write with what looks like a ball. Although it does not move, it can be seen as a sphere when looked at really closely.

There are also some not well known types of pens. The fountain pen is an example of that. This pen uses more of a liquid ink that is released through a nib on the pen. This pen has a replaceable ink cartridge much like many others. People can also refill the cartridge by using an eyedropper with ink.

Another type of pen, is the rollerball pen. This pen is much like the ballpoint pen. Except it uses liquid or gel ink instead of the ink in the ballpoint pen. The ball on this pen rolls and is wet with ink, so it makes writing much easier and more efficient. This type of pen also comes in many different types of colors as well.

In the past people would use a feather, dip it in ink and write with it. This is how many historical documents were written. Although ink was harder to get back in the day because of how the economy was. There has been a big change since back then. The world has gone from a feather and ink to a metallic pen with an ink cartridge.

Believe it or not, a marker is also a type of pen. A marker is a lot different though, it has a larger end which makes the writing a lot thicker. Markers are mostly used to make creative things such as crafts. Markers come in many different colors and people use them to color.

Also another surprising fact is that highlighters are also in the pen category. Highlighters are much like markers except they are used to go over text and have the text still seen. Highlighters also come in many different colors and they are used to “highlight” text so that it can be clearly seen and stand out.

There are many different types of inks, some are denser than others and they are all different. Different inks can affect the time a pen can last for. Some ink is more dense and some is less, which type would last long? There are also many different colors of ink that can affect the life expectancy of a pen.

Pens vary in the time that they last because of many different factors. There are the type of pen, the brand of the pen, and the type of ink. These factors can show how which brand of pen will last the longest. Which is what is being tested for in this project.

Lastly there are many different types of build quality on pens. Some are cheap plastic types. Some are better plastic pens. Then some are good quality pens made of metal. Also there are the high quality titanium pens that business type people would use. Which one is the best and will last the longest?

Experiment List


  1. G Pilot pen

  2. Bic pen

  3. Infinity pen

  4. High Quality pen

  5. Dollar store pen

  6. Paper

  7. Timer


If a more expensive pen is used then it will last longer.


IV: Pen being used

DV: Time the ink lasts

Constants: Paper, Table, Me


  1. Gather materials

  2. Select first pen

  3. Scribble on paper while timing

  4. STOP the timer when ink runs out

  5. Record data

  6. Repeat for all other pens


The ink of a pen is very smooth when the experiment first starts and continues for a long length of time. At around the 10 minute mark the different pens began to fade and became dull. It was soon running out and getting harder to use the ink/pen. Also towards the end of the trials the ink was very hard to get out of the pens, and most pens only lasted up to 20 minutes of constant use. Also you could tell that the more expensive the pen the longer it lasted.

Big image
Big image


The data did support the hypothesis that if a more expensive pen is used it will last longer. In the experiment one trend stood out amongst the others. Every pen, whether high quality or low quality began fading at around the 10 minute mark of constant use. This made it harder to continue, and dropped the times drastically. In trial 9 of the BIC pen it only lasted 10 minutes, this was the shortest time. The BIC pen was the cheapest pen and it lasted for a very short period of time, and is not consistent. At the 10 minute mark all the pens faded but the BIC pen seemed to be effected the most by this. The Parker pen which is the most expensive pen had the highest numbers and therefore lasted the longest out of the pens. This also represents quality the parker pen is of higher quality than the BIC because of the evidence. These results were seen because some companies use different types of ink and cartridges. The pens that lasted longer have better cartridges and longer lasting ink. Although all of the pens did very well in the experiment, the more expensive pens did much better than the cheap.


The data did support the hypothesis that if a more expensive pen is used it will last longer. The purpose of the experiment to find what pen was the best was also achieved.



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