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Mrs. Illi & Mrs. Yula's Kindergarten Classroom Newsletter

September 26, 2015
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******************Apple Orchard Field Trip - Friday, October 2nd******************

What Have We Been Up To?

Social Studies


  • Our caterpillars are still super-cozy in their chrysalises, which are still nice and green. We will know the butterflies are getting ready to emerge when the outer layer of the chrysalis turns clear, and we can see the orange and black colors of the Monarch butterfly inside.
  • We welcomed the first day of the fall season with a fiction and non-fiction story, comparing how one was a real story and the other a make-believe one.


  • We continued with our Math routines during Calendar time.
  • We practiced counting, visualizing, and drawing 1 through 5 objects.
  • Using counters, we practiced addition and subtraction. The students also counted pictures when adding and wrote the sum after the equal sign.
  • Our subtraction discussion really got silly when I pretended to eat their make-believe cookies to show the concept of 'taking away.'
  • Circles, circles, everywhere! We read the book The Dot, and then created our own masterpieces - starting with just two circles.


  • Dd, Ee, Ff, Gg

Phonological Awareness

  • The children worked very hard to separate words into their word parts, called syllables. They practiced tapping out the syllables and sorting pictures according to their number of syllables.

High Frequency Words

  • I, am


  • It's unbelievable how these children have taken to writing so naturally. They have so many great ideas and such creativity. This past week we wrote about something that makes them proud, whether it's something they have or something they can do.

Special Books We Read

  • A Great Big Pair of Underwear, This Book Ate My Dog, It's Fall, When a Leaf Blows In, I Am So Proud, The Dot
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September & October...

9/28 - Board Meeting @ 7 pm PVS Music room

10/2 - Field Trip to Hill Creek Farms in Mullica Hill (pending Board approval 9/22)

More Info. coming soon!!!

10/5 - Sadecky's Puppets Assembly - 'It Pays to Be Nice'

10/8 - Fire Prevention Assemblies

10/9 - Rain Date for Field Trip

10/9 - School Color Day (Wear Blue & Gold!)

10/12 - School Closed - Teacher In-Service

10/16 - School Spirit Day - Hat Day

10/20-10/23 - Early Student Dismissal for Parent Conferences

10/22 - PTA Halloween Skating Party @ Deptford, 5:30 p.m.

10/26 - Student Portraits @ HTS

10/26 - Board of Ed Meeting @ PVS, 7:00 p.m.

10/30 - Halloween Parades - AM time 9:00 a.m., PM time 1:45 p.m.