character Analysis Enriques

Enrique's Journey

Enrique's Journey 2 by Chloe Tomlinson
The life of a young Enrique and his quest to reunite with a mother who left him at the age of five to find work in the united state.
Enrique misses his mother and does not forget her. ''when is she coming for me?'' he asks. ''she'll be home soon,'' his grandmother assure him. but his mother does not come back. On mother day he makes a heart shaped card at school and presses it into maria's hand. ''i love you very much, mom'' he writes.
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His life was in dark. his father also left him and start to live with his new girlfriend. Enrique's feel alone because he didn't have both parents.
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This is how he travel to united state, its very difficult and risky. because he was illegally traveling so need to travel by hiding . he struggle many things on his way.
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his both parent leave him and feel alone. he had a many question in his heart about his parents. he think that they didn't love him so they leave him alone.


how does Enrique make money to buy phone card ?

why he feel pain when his parents leave them ?

Does money buy a happiness ?

what could happen if Enrique is caught on the border?

What dangers does Enrique face on his journey/

personal connection

How i related to this character is that i'm also a migrant but i came here legally. I know how its hard when parents leave us. I have seen many children whose parents were going foreign to earn money for their family. my aunt also went to foreign country to work. my grandpa look after her children.they always pray for their mom and miss her a lot.


Dear friend,

i'm your friend karuna. I know you are far from us. I just want to tell you that do not forget your friends and family when ever you go. be safe in there and do a good works. lots of love from us.