Mt Pleasant Awana

Directors' Newsletter

February 17, 2016

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Do you think we'll have Awana Wednesday night?!!

That seems to have been the question since the first of the new year! Well, I'm certainly glad the Lord is in control, and I'm trying to rest in the fact that He knows exactly what He's doing....even when we don't! :)

I'm looking forward to seeing all the clubbers again! They have waited patiently. And we have had plenty of time to get re-fueled! So, Ready, Set, Let's Go to Awana!!

This Week in Awana

This week we are having our Whole Heart Night! I know, it's usually before Valentine's Day, but with the cancellation last week, we're shifting it a week. At least we did get to announce this Night week before last, so hopefully the clubbers will remember to wear Red! But better still, if you haven't already, try to contact your clubbers or parents tomorrow as a reminder. Like I'm doing right now for you! :)
Be sure to give bonus points for those clubbers who wear red and also for those who bring a visitor! But most of all, let's stress even more tomorrow than we do each week about the Savior who loved us enough to give His whole heart on the cross for our sins!! (John 3:16)

Final Night of Penny March!!

Our Penny March fundraiser for Mikinzi Casto will conclude this week! Please pray about giving of your own freewill offering, if you haven't already, for this Final Night! Also, please encourage your leaders as well to pray about giving towards this fundraiser. Thank you so much if you have already given!

Lord willing, we will have Mikinzi and her family as our honored guests next week, February 24! We will present a check from the church for the total fundraiser amount! It will be a blessed evening, and we want to give the Casto family a very warm Mt. Pleasant Awana Welcome!

Upcoming Events

In addition to our special guests next week, February 24 will be "Crazy/Favorite Hat Night". And this year we've also added to it "Decade Night"!

More information soon about these special events.

March 2 will be "Snowball Fight Night", which we had to move due to weather cancellations. More on this event next week.

*** Thank Yous ***

As always, I truly appreciate the hard work each of you do for this great ministry and for our Lord! Thank you all very much!

And thank you, Directors, for taking to heart the changes and reminders I mentioned before last club meeting. I think the discipline was a lot better, and the segments were more organized last time out. Thank you again!

Let's all "keep it up" in order to make our Awana Club night the best it can be, for the glory of God, and for the clubbers to have the most exciting experience possible!

God bless you all!

Commander Mark