American day parade

My family and friends

The family feast

My family went to a car dealer ship one of my cousins owned.We had many Different kinds of foods from different cultures like pizza,burgers,pumpkin pies and many other foods! We also got to see a parade right outside the dealership, we also got tons of candy and many tattoos and stickers.Then I saw a big plastic box that held many different kinds of drinks! Then my inner self made different bets with different people in my family, that if I dunked my head in the ice cold water they would give me five dollars! At the end of the parade I had made twelve dollars! (I once only dunked my head in only half way, so the person I had made the bet with only gave me two dollars). Why I find my community so special is becouse I build and also solve problems and figure out what I do best in life, or how to stop future problems.

The long ride home

At first we had to drive to a fast food restaurant that was 15 miles away, then we had to drop off a present to one of my cousins house then it was a long 1 hour drive home. Food was the last thing one my mind at that point and that's when I went to bed and instantly fell asleep.
25th Anniversary Parade at Disney's Hollywood Studios - Walt Disney World