The Giver Soceity

Is it cruel or perfect?

The Big Question

In the Giver society everything seems perfect, but is it really? It is based on Sameness which means that everything is the same. There are no hills, no color, no feelings, and last but not least there is no music. In having none of this then you can not have any war and you will also not be able to fight because you will not have the feeling of anger that makes you want to fight. The big question is though, Is it really worth giving these things up for no war?

NO War

I do not think that it is worth it, I mean you are giving up pretty much your life just so that you can not have war. Sure no war, no fighting, no anger or any hard feelings. They have no feelings, not even love-it gets countered by pills that do not allow you to love anyone. They have absolutely none of the things we have here in America. Is it really worth it, to give up freedoms for NO war?
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Is It Worth It?

  1. They have been forced to give up their freedoms but here in America we would die for freedom.

  • They do not have any choices, no choosing what to do.

  • They can not even choose what to wear, not like uniforms because even outside of school you can not choose what you wear.

  • This is a violation of human rights, we need to have freedom.

  • Now that you are done reading this, do YOU think that it is worth it?

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