James Fette 1st period


1. Honey bees are connected to things in our life because of honey. Bees don't just give a sting but would you give up honey for a little pinch. without bees there would be No Honey Nut Cheerios and many oatmeal bars and foods. So ask your self again what would you do without honey.

2. We can help bye making posters or just spreading the word about bees and there decline. And even bee keepers there jobs are on the rocks so they can form boycotts and making protests. It wont be hard but it will be worth it.

3. Bee keepers are affected by this, they make all of there money by bees and if we take the bees away we will leave thousands of beekeepers without jobs. but it is not just beekeepers it is us who is affected to, without bees many company's will be shut down like honey combs the or honey nut cheerios. But last bees all over the world bees are passing away because of us.

4. I don't like the killing of bees and colony collapse. It is becoming a big problem in the United States and we have to import bees to keep the honey, and what if one of those bees are carrying disease, and it spreads everywhere from bees. In all I hate the killing of bees.

5. The proof is every where bees all over the world are passing away and we are doing nothing about it, so the proof is bee imports why would we need more bees, Bee keepers have less to do.



(Worker bees) do all of the work in the hive they, when they are young they are called house bees and do hive construction. Older workers are called field and they gather pollen and nectar.


(Drones) are bees within the hive with no stinger and live to about eight weeks. There only job is the mate with the queen.

- The (Queen bee) is the main person and her only purpose is to make more bees and repopulate the hive. She can lay about 1,500 eggs per day.

- The bees (Eye) is called a compound eye because it is made of many very small eyes called ommatidia. The bees many ommatidia puts together a picture in the bee’s brain to make see different then we do.

- A bees (life cycle) starts when it’s an egg then comes out of its egg to become a larva, then a pupa ,then to an adult

- The (honey bee dance) Is a way of communication telling another bee when he found food, it has been part of colonies rituals for thousands of years and a very important way of finding food.