Andrew can take a bullet..literally

A winner of the nation or a abomination?

"Common Man" takes all

The Jacksonian Democracy caused a ripple in the political world. It showed that anyone that is qualified can become President, no matter how rich or poor you were. Since the previous leaders of the country have been wealthy gentleman, it was a grand change to see a "regular Joe " be at the top. Jackson from then on would be referred as the "Common Man".

The Deal of Disgrace

The Corrupt Bargain was responded with a lot of anger. Jackson (during the 1824 election) won the popular votes, but Clay convinced Quincy Adams to give him a job for the presidency. Even if this was considered as an abomination, there is a good outcome. The suffrage has grown since that election, and the second time Jackson ran for president, he won by a landslide.

The Bank Drops Dead at Jackson's Veto

Jackson was intimidated by the bank. Claiming the bank only aided the wealthy, not the people as a whole. Jackson then vetoes the bill that was made during Washington's presidency. This afterwards becomes a bad decision, for people soon became bankrupt.

Rich White Male's perceptive on Jackson (negative)

Andrew Jackson is barbaric! Not only is he a monster, but he is absolutely mad! He deliberately derogated the National Bank just because he believes it only supports the wealthy. What foul accusation! And the nerve of this incompetent baboon who runs once again against Quincy Adams, even after he already lost the first time. He precisely resembles a flea. Once there, he always be in your hair, that beast. And the worst bit is that he is a commoner! Like the rest of these peasants, and he is the leader of this once-proud country? This nation is soon-to-doomed, and you have only one man to thank: Andrew Jackson.

Factory Worker's perspective on Jackson (positive)

Yeehaw! That Jackson boy sure is something! That boy is hope, that's what's he is. He shows all the peoples that anyone can be on the top, to be one of 'em. Imma might not do any good in this world no more, but he will. First off, he drives that awful bad bank down into it's grave. Then, this monkey-hollering idiot boy Quincy Adams rigs the jig, and he wins unfairly!!! But justice can be hooting its name up to high heaven, for this here Jackson boy wins the second time he tries. That, my sirs and gals, is why this here boy is a hero!

Political Cartoon

This political cartoon illuminates Jackson as a dictator. Jackson was drawn this way for his relentless way of leading, that have suspicious similarities to a monarchy. The US was very controversial with this, and people often compared him to King George the Third. Plus, he vetoes a federal law, which the artist portrays by showing a veto in his hand and the Constitution ripped into shreds on the floor. And to show even more of what a tyrant Jackson was, he is on TOP of the ruins of the Constitution.