ES Faculty News

Week of March 28-April 1

From Stacy and Carol

I hope you had a wonderful Spring Break and that you are ready for an AMAZING last 9 weeks of school! We have 45 days left this year to make a difference! Let's make EACH one of them count!
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Blood Drive

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Testing Dates

April 5,6,7- ITBS

April 18,19- 4th Grade ACT Aspire

April 20,21- 3rd Grade ACT Aspire

Classroom Teachers

Science Training

K- May 19 12:30-3:30

1st grade- April 6 12:30-3:30

2nd grade-March 31 8-11

3rd grade and Jennifer West- March 31 12:30-3:30

4th grade-March 29 12:30-3:30

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Upcoming Dates

3/25- Happy Birthday, Jennifer West!

3/29- 4th Grade MSS Visit

3/30- Happy Birthday, Shawn Lang!

3/31- 4th Grade MSN Visit

4/5- ITBS for 1st and 2nd

4/6- ITBS for 1st and 2nd

4/7- ITBS for 1st and 2nd

4/18- ACT Aspire for 4th Grade

4/19- ACT Aspire for 4th Grade

4/20-ACT Aspire for 3rd Grade

2nd Grade Field Trip

4/21- ACT Aspire for 3rd Grade

4/28-Kindergarten Field Trip/First Grade Field Trip

5/9-K Fitness Frenzy

PALS Fishing Trip

5/10-1st grade Fitness Frenzy

5/11- 2nd Grade Fitness Frenzy

5/12- 3rd Grade Fitness Frenzy

5/13- 4th Grade Fitness Frenzy

5/19- 4H to ES for 4th Grade

5/20- CHS Graduation