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In our daily follow up with nick and his return we found that he has found out his cousins husband is having an affair and he has dragged Nick to meet her. "I have only been drunk twice in my life" said Nick after waking up in a train station . Nick was feeling uncomfortable with the situation that he was force to be in , that he decided to drink an awful much and ended up in a train station .

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Apart from all the non sense we have good news we have a great weather for this week sunny days with cool winds . Great weather for a party it seems.


Today we would cover Mr.Gatsby !

Mr.Gatsby is an multimillionaire that participated in world war 1 he was in service with Nick but didn't really talk. He has a big mansion next to the sea he creates great parties and is very greedy and look down on every one. One of his favorite things to do is show off his power to others . He is a very mysterious man and because of that it is said that he use to be a German spy and killed a man non of that has been confirm .Yet we are looking forward to asking Mr. Gatsby himself and see what we can find out . This is one of the smallest features stories i have ever done but due to the circumstances of Mr.Gatsby being very discreet with his personal life we have no more details.

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Monday, April 27th, 6pm

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