Basics you need to learn in football


Dribbling is a VERY important skill. You basicly use it in a game for the whole time! When you dribble you run up the field and you have the ball with you kicking it softly. When you are dribbling you have to be very careful that you DON'T MESS UP! Also other players like defenders can tackle the ball away from you and get the ball and kick it away

Some More Things!


Second there is shooting. When you shoot you have to use your big toe. Just try and use the side of it. If you use your left foot you hit it on the right side of your big toe. If you are right footed you have to hit it on the left side of your big toe. Also when it is a corner( a corner is when you touch the ball and it goes out next to your goal not on the side and you kick the ball back in by a flag in the corner depending on what side it goes out on) you can header the ball(when you hit the ball with your four head) and try score a goal.


Then there is passing. You've got to try to kick the ball just right. When you want to pass you need to hit the ball with the part of your foot which is the inside part of your foot. Also when your taking a shot. You can hit with the inside part of your foot to curve it. But that is mostly for advanced people.


Finally there is the rules if you hurt someone you can get a yellow card or a red card. A yellow card is when you get a warning. But then if you get a another yellow card you will get sent off the pitch. If you get a red card you will instantly get sent off the pitch.

There is also a substitution. That is when your manager puts you off the field and someone on to the field from on the sideline(When you are with your manager behind the line on the side of the field)for you. If the ball goes out and you had a shot and no one from the other team touches it it is a goal kick(when the ball goes behind the goal and its not yours.

There is also a corner but I have already explained that. The aim of the game is to score more goals then the other team. To score a goal you need to shoot and get the ball pass the goalkeeper.

This is the last rule and it is a very important one. DO not and i say DO NOT TOUCH THE BALL! Or it would be a handball and it's a foul so the other team get a free kick.

Soccer Player Shooting and Passing

Do you see how professionals shoot.
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