Leading the World To Democracy

Project By: Victoria, Zak, Nathan, Sarah, Caroline


What is a Historian?

The historian studies history and patterns and uses those examples to support our current foreign policy.

Historic evidence supporting our foreign policy.

The United States needs to be able to protect the international system from threats that globalization has created. The most significant threat as of right now is terrorism and its accessibility through social media.

The Korean War is a prime example of how the foreign policy of leading the world to democracy worked in our history. Soviets wanted to make Korea a communist country and expand the global communist reach.

We countered by encouraging the establishment of democracy which would have benefited Korea as well.

Our foreign policy helped protect the world by not allowing Korea to be overtaken by communism.

Free nations are more economically stable, more reliable partners, more unlikely to suppress other countries and more likely to serve US interests and contribute to order and peace around the globe.

In using our foreign policy, democracy has helped neutralize threats from globalization, help keep the spread of communism down to a bare minimum, and democracy is helping us overall because our allies are now free countries that help contribute to order and peace around the globe.

Democracy has been outlay used as a deterrent against communism and terrorism. In Korea, democracy was initially used to help the country against Russia and China's increasingly more communistic views. We intervened because it affected our allies and the world globally. When Japan lost, Korea found itself a free country and the USA didn't want the country to become a foothold for communism.

Military Expert

What is a Military Expert?

A military expert studies the changes and patterns with in the military. They also make predictions as to what effect new policies will have on the military.

How would our military be effected by leading the world to democracy?

Most countries united as democracies have a statistically lower war rate which will lead to less military fatalities. This also ties into economy because war cost $14 million an hour. Persuading, or forcing, other countries to become democracies will also spread peace and lead to more allies and less warfare in the US. Spreading democracy will also limit the number of suppressed people world wide. As humans we all deserve equal opportunities to be able to express our thought and opinions, but unfortunately this does not happen everywhere. Suppression in places such as North Korea can not and will not be tolerated any longer. Inequality is also another major issue. We hear about this mainly in the middle east where women have little to no rights. They can be beaten, can't drive, and can't even go outside without a man being with them. As Americans we believe in the right to freedom of speech, press, council of your pears, education and equality and we need to encourage other countries to believe in these policies as well for the greater good of humanity.

Through spreading democracy globally, we would be able to protect the rights, freedoms and lives of billions of people. Although the death toll may be a large amount initially, the future benefits far outweigh the sacrifices. Spreading democracy is the next step that we need to take to promote global peace, prevent abusive governments, and end pointless conflicts between nations.


What is an Economist?

An economist researches the effects of policies on the economy of a specific place or region. This includes studying job loss or growth, trade both foreign and domestic, and any other transactions between countries that involve money or the economy.

How would the Economy be effected by leading the world to democracy?

Although leading the world to democracy would cost a lot of money initially it would lead to world wide peace, prosperity, and pluralism. "We should use the promise of trade benefits and economic aid to encourage the countries from the developing world to adopt American political and economic principles and impose trade boycotts and sanctions on countries that stand in the way ."( The U.S. Role in the World, and Teaching with the News Online Research). Hunger, war, and disease are spreading everyday, if we could help present that why wouldn't we? When it comes down to it we are all humans and need to coexist on one planet and the only way to do this is to spread democracy, not war and fear.

In conclusion leading our world to democracy would be a good thing for everyone. Having a world filled with democracy will also lead to a more peaceful and prosperous planet for us all to enjoy.

Foreign Relations Expert

What is a Foreign Relations Expert?

A foreign relations expert is an expert on how one country interacts with others and what affects it has on that country. In this case the foreign relationships expert studies how Americas relationship with other countries will be affected by our foreign policy.

How would leading the world to democracy effect foreign relations?

Leading the world to democracy could be very beneficial to America. Having more democratic peaceful countries will lead to more easily accessible trade and stronger foreign relations. Along with that it would also improve the worlds economy which be beneficial to everyone.