Unusual Sports In The olympics

Ryan Mangan

Q#1 How Many unusual Olympic sports are their?

Their are lots of unusual Olympic sports. Anywhere from pigeon shooting to sking behind a dog, even rumba shuflull boarding, race walking. lots of these sports where held with lack of good records, so some of these sports are unknown.

Q#2 What is the most unusual Olympic sport?

In my opinion the most unusual Olympic sport is Skijoring which also sounds like some thing a redneck would do. Skijoring is where athletes put on skis and then are pulled by a dog (dogs) horses,or snowmobiles, at high speeds.

Q#3 How many times was a unusual sport held before it was discontinued?

live pigeon shooting was held only once. live pigeon shooing was discontinued due to over 400 birds being killed. In 1902 bans came into force in the United States leading to the introduction of clay pigeons. Worse than that the birds were released one at a time from 'traps' in right in front of the shooters.


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