The River

By Gary Paulson; Project by Connor Fullmer

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Always work hard even if you don't succeed at first, keep trying and never give up. For example, when Derek gets injured, Brian has some difficulties getting to help but he keeps on trying to get to help to save him.


Some characterization the author used is by other characters talking about a character. For example, some characterization for Brian Robeson is when Derek says "Wow that is a very good idea." That shows that Brian is intelligent and knows what he's doing. Also, some characterization is when Brian says, "No that won't work. It never will" That describes Brian being very demanding and again, very knowledgeable.

Point of View

The point of view in The River is third person omniscient, because throughout the story the narrator uses the words "he" and "they". If it was first person, the narrator story would have "I" and "my" throughout the whole story.


Some very important diologue in The River is when Derek Holtzer says, "I'm Derek Holtzer from a government survival school. I have a very important question to ask you. Are you at all interested in going back into the wilderness and surviving out there again, so i can take notes on what you do so I can teach it to the students? Brian has some trouble understanding the mouthful of a question at first, but then says, "Could you come back tomorrow to talk about this with my parents?" Derek agrees and comes back the next day. Brian said to his mom, "I want to do it. If it will help others I want to do it." His mother hesitates and says it is fine for him to go. That dialogue was important because it introduced what the conflict was most likely to be.