Kindergarten News

November 12, 2015

Tell a Story, Kindergarten Unit 3

Look at all the handsome Family Turkey Projects!

Our Kindergarten hallway is looking amazing and the kids are all so proud of their Turkeys! Thank you for sharing your artistic talents.

Reading - This week we read and compared The Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf and the Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig. We are identifying story elements (characters and setting). We have also been working towards identifying story events at the beginning, middle and ending. We were able to sequence the story events and retell a story. Our reading strategy is, Flippy the Dolphin. Try using the long or short vowel sound to help sound out unknown words.

Vocabulary Words - event and reaction

Sight Words - an, had, not

Writing - We are using sight words and phonetic spelling to write a reaction to The Three Little Pigs.

Phonics - We are focusing on the vowel letter u. We are also practicing writing and reading cvc words.

Math - We are working on Math Topic 5 Comparing and Ordering Numbers 11 to 20. This includes counting groups, writing a numeral to show how many in a group, counting and using one to one correspondence. Please login to your child's math account for more practice with the teen numbers.

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Learning about Being Safe and Our Feelings

Our counselor, Mrs. Nix, is visiting our class with some special lessons and activities. She is helping us learn more about being safe and understanding our feelings. Thank you Mrs. Nix!


Remember to check you Castlio Season of Giving calendar for special days!
November 11th - Veterans' Night 5-7pm
November 25-27th No School - Thanksgiving Break