No Teacher Left Behind

Maria Julia Martinez

How would you suggest we, as a nation, provide consistent learning opportunities for teachers and ensure that they are not left behind in learning about new techniques and strategies?

As a nation it is important to provide teachers with the appropriate tools and learning opportunities to ensure that they are not left behind in learning about new techniques and strategies. Teachers are to prepare the minds of the future that is why it is important to offer the right education, trainings, and ongoing professional development for teachers to be prepared and updated on the new techniques and strategies in our ever-changing society.

Should all teachers across the country use certain practices? If so, what would those be?

All teachers across the country should meet certain requirements. Teachers should have a Bachelors degree or the corresponding credits. Having to meet these requirements will ensure that the teacher is prepared with the knowledge needed to be in the classroom. In addition teachers need to have research new practices individually participate in trainings and professional development opportunities throughout the school year to learn about the changes in the field of education.

Should there be a consistent standard for all teachers to meet, just as students must pass high stakes tests? If so, what would be the standard?

Teachers need to meet the educational standards, background check, and have a teacher certification. In addition, teachers need to be able to teach and demonstrate their knowledge about 21st century skills.

Lastly, share your thoughts on how well teachers are being prepared to master the NETS-T standards in their classrooms.

I believe teachers are being prepared to master the NEST-T standards in their classroom. The preparation teachers obtain depends on the resources the school might have. In many classrooms there are different technology tools such as smart boards, IPads, Laptops, Projectors, and computers among others. Tools such as these are a great support for teachers to provide new learning experiences for students and to model how to use them effectively. Teachers promote responsibility, collaboration, and effective communication among other 21st century skills.