Hatchet: Digital Theme

Justin Henry

Theme Statement

There'll be moments where we have to rely on ourselves for help, that way, we will reach what we're after

First demonstration (Beginning)

"He had to have some kind of shelter, have something to eat. He had to do something, he knew that the hatchet was the key."(Paulsen 53) Brian is preparing for the inevitable, he had to work in order to survive until he was saved.

Symbolic Image

Big image
The Hatchet, the only tool Brian had, was the key to his survival. Without it, Brian would have never made it.

Second demonstration (Middle)

"He pulled and twisted bits off the trees, packed them in one hand while he picked them up with the other. He used these as fuel to help generate the fire. Once he set them in position and creates sparks by hitting against two rocks, they soon burst into flames."(Paulsen ch.9) Brian's taking action so that he can acquire what is necessary to survive.

Symbolic Image

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The fire's a major part for Brian's survival. Brian created this using his limited intellect for his protection and sight.

Third demonstration (End)

"The plane landed above the lake while Brian just stares in disbelief. The pilot cuts the engine and opens the door. He later on steps out onto the sand wearing sunglasses, but eventually removes them to have a good look a Brian"(Paulsen 184) Brian finally made it after two months in the forest, due to him believing in himself.

Symbolic Image

Big image
The living pilot/airplane represents that Brian is now saved and will no longer be stuck in the forest, and will be able to see his family once afresh

Universal Theme Statement (Why it's universal)

Imagine your on your own in need of help right away, but seems like no one will make it to you, or probably would get there too late. You would need to figure out how to get out of the situation your in. Anything could happen, for example, you could be in a burning building, and don't have time to wait for the fire department to come rescue you, you have to find your own way out, that way, you'll be able to make it. Or, like Brian, be stuck on an island, in the forest, on a desert, in a middle of a war and have to go into hiding, etc. you have to think, work, be prepared, find a way, except the unexpected.