Stop The Arab - Israeli Conflict

By : Ritvik Janamsetty

What is it ?

The Arab - Israeli conflict is mainly about the Jewish and Islam fighting who gets Israel. Israel is now taken by the Jewish or the Israelites and Palestinian countries also the called Arabs are fighting for Israel. This conflict has been major since the 1500 B.C.E..

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How did it start ?

It all started 4000 years ago when the isralaties moved out of isreal. Then the Arabs conquer the land. Now, the Israetites moved back in to Isreal and the Arabs are homeless. Then they both started fighing for Israel.

What could I do ?

I got this awesome idea that both sides will agree on. Both sides want Isreal and they are willing to fight. Instead of that, both could call truce. They could sheare Israel and give half of Jerusalem to each side. This is fair because the both sides are getting a part of Jerusalem and Israel, where both religions began.

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How will the Isralites react ?

First, they might react negatively, but then they will soon realize that it is fair. They might react negatively because they loose half of their land. Later, they will change their feelings about it because they will learn that it is fair to both religions.

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How will the Arabs react ?

The arabs will be so happy beacause some people could move into Israel and build some of their cityies and they will live happliy. They might have no problems with that.

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