WCTA Newsletter

February 2016

Retirement Social - Speakers Wanted!

Do you work with a fabulous staff member who will be retiring this year? Show them how much you care by speaking on their behalf at our retirement social! Show the audience how much you care by keeping it short and sweet. 5-7 minutes, please!

We have at least 10 retirees to be celebrated! If you are interested in being one of the speakers, talk to your site rep!

Time and date coming soon!

Selecting our new Superintendent

The School Board is interviewing three consulting companies to determine which will find WCSD's next superintendent. During staff meetings your site reps asked you (or will ask you) to share the characteristics you would most value in our next Sup. These results will be presented (anonymously) to the Board for their consideration.

Writing a personal letter to Board members would also send a strong message that we are invested in our future leadership. If you do, please remember - we are best received by the DO and Board when we are solution-oriented. Board members' email addresses can be found here. :)

What the Union's doing for you!

Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow, so Spring is on the way! Are you already planning how you'll spend your Spring Break? If travel is on the agenda, check out these resources that NEA and CTA membership give you:

WCTA Site Elections

In the spring each school site will elect next year's WCTA positions! (For example, Treasurer, Secretary...) Debbie Pollack is our new elections chair and she is looking for one person per site to assist her in the elections. As much as your site reps would LOVE this opportunity, it is not allowed. :(

If you have been looking for a short, simple way to be involved with your union, this is it! What's required:

  • Receiving ballots from Debbie
  • Handing ballots out at a staff meeting
  • Collecting ballots from staff (and their signatures)
  • Delivering ballots to Debbie

Two hours of your life for heaps of appreciation! Let your site rep know if you are interested.

WCTA Union Meeting

Tuesday, Feb. 23rd, 3:30-5pm

1847 Newell Avenue

Walnut Creek, CA

Tice Creek School, Room 1

All WCTA members are welcome!