The Imperialism Of Africa


Imperialism in Africa began during the 1870- 1900's when the Belgian King sent people to establish trade with Belgian Congo. This went on for many years until ninety percent of Africa was taken over by foreigners.


The Europeans started to imperialize the coasts of Africa due to the waterways, and then started to make their way inwards until they conquered almost all of Africa.
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This picture shows the Europeans taking over the African Americans


The Europeans started to imperialize Africa because of the resources they had to offer, Such as, gold, metals, etc.


At first, the Europeans started out allies with the Africans, and then they forced the African Americans to become their slaves.


The Europeans took over Africa with the help of Portugal, Italy, Britain, Germany, and Spain. This left ninety percent of the African continent conquered by other countries.
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The picture above shows all the countries that imperialize Africa and what parts they control.