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Classroom News

Happy Friday!

150 days down, 26 to go!! I cannot believe it is going so fast! Thank you for your kind words about my upcoming move to Texas, I appreciated each sentiment and will miss Crozet deeply! I have told my students so you are free to mention it to them now!

We had such an exciting week learning about our chicken eggs and telling time! We will continue these things for the next few weeks.

Sorry for the lack of pictures this week!

This is it!! You are almost parents of second graders!

Here is the link to the signupgenius for the next couple of weeks:

Don't forget...

Please return spring pictures or payment!

Reminder from the PTO:

NEW! Crozet Elementary has its very own online store where you can purchase a customized school supply kit with everything your child will need next year! This is not only the most convenient way to buy school supplies, but is also a fundraiser that will help the PTO purchase kits for children who need them. Go to and select the kit for your upcoming child's grade. All kits will be delivered directly to your child's classroom! Deadline is June 30th.

Next Week

We'll continue our learning about the chicken life cycle and our eggs, though the incubator will be moving down to Mrs. Slechta's room. We will also continue practicing telling time to the hour and half hour, as well as making a very special mother's day surprise!

Upcoming Events

5/2 Theo's birthday!

5/4 Mokie Monday!

5/6 Miles' birthday!

5/7 Jacob K's birthday!

5/10 Mother's Day

Design 2015: Under Construction!

After our wonderful field trip to Camp Friendship, we are ready to begin our Monthly "Mokie Mondays" to continue the fabulous learning we did there!

In May we will watch a horse movie and Miss Miller will answer our burning questions! We will also make another trip out to Camp Friendship to see Mokie again!

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