Swimming Fun!

What did I do?

This summer I went swimming in a small, private lake, about 3 hours away from Green Bay. My family and I went swimming, Liam, Finn, Elena, Jeremy, Dane, Milly, Nora, Ava, and Lauren. I went to the lake at our rental house on Bass Lake, the water was about 100 feet from the house. We arrived on August 8th and left on August 15th I went swimming for 3-4 hours each day. I got to the lake by walking from the house to the swimming dock, then walked into the water, and dunked my head and started to swim. I went because it was very hot out and everyone else was swimming and they were all asking me to go with them.

The Science of It

Connection #1

Swimming involves the law at motion. If you push off of something, you will most likely propel forward, but the force of water coming back at you can slow you down. Newton's first law of motion states that if an object in motion will stay in motion unless acted upon by a force in this case, the swimmer is acted upon by the force, water, which produces a resistive force that requires propulsive forces to overcome.

Connection #2

Newton's second law states that force = mass x acceleration. In swimming the force produced by the person who is swimming is equal to the mass of the swimmer is multiplied by the acceleration of the person in the water.

I Wonder?


1. What's the most pounds someone could lift in water?

2. In the Dead Sea everyone floats, why does that happen, is it the same as a regular lake?

3. When you swim doss it make he water warm from moving in it so much?

4. In a lake, does anything else warm the lake other than the temperature?


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