Digital Citizenship Project

By Wesley.M P.4

Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship is how you feel and your behavior online. You need to keep your emotions in check when posting anything on the internet or else you'll wind up posting something you regret. It is important to understand positive digital practices because people other than you post things online. It is also important to display positive digital practices because other people read what you do online.

Rule One: Digital Etiquette

Never post anything that could damage your digital and real life. If you post something hurtful someone then people will start to dislike you more and more.

Rule Two: Information privacy

Don't just give out your personal information. Make sure that the link you click is legit and not just a scam.

Rule Three: Social Networking

Don't post anything that you don't want Co-workers, family, or friends to see. It might hurt their feelings or get you fired.

Rule Four: Online Safety

Never put out where you live, your age, or even your gender into any sort of profile. People could find out who you are with that kind of information.

Rule Five: Cyberbullying

Never answer back to a mean comment. It will only make the bully happier and want to continue.

Rule Six: Plagiarism

When you use someone else's words make sure to quote it or put in your own words. That way you won't be accused of plagiarism.

Rule Seven: Copyright

Make sure that the words, pictures, or videos you are using are allowed to be used. If you don't check this you might have to pay money to whoever owns what you are using.
Digital Citizenship