First UMC Sealy Digest

A look at happenings at First United Methodist Church Sealy

This Sunday, Nov. 23: Christ the King Sunday

Join us this weekend as we worship on the last Sunday of the Christian year and celebrate Christ the King Sunday, the coming reign of Jesus Christ and the completion of creation. Pastor Curtis will preach from Ephesians 1:15-23, where Paul reminds the Christians in Ephesus of the glorious inheritance of all believers. The same power that raised Christ from death and placed him above every imaginable power is at work on our behalf.

Christmas Musical preparation: Second graders and up, please meet at 9 am each Sunday with Mrs. Kay Kenner Ashcraft for chime lesson! Children seven and are learning special Christmas songs during Sunday School. These groups will meet weekly until the big performance at 10 am Dec. 14.

If you are able, PLEASE HELP US pull out our church’s Christmas decorations after the 10 am service. This won’t take long … but we do need some extra muscle to get everything out!

Community Thanksgiving Service, Pastor Curtis to deliver Message

Sunday, Nov. 23rd, 6pm

1225 Eagle Lake Rd

Sealy, TX

This Sunday our community hosts the annual Sealy Ministerial Alliance Thanksgiving Service. This year’s worship will be held at the Shepherd’s Way Church (1225 Eagle Lake Rd). Open to the whole community. Invite a friend!

Advent Experience: 'Unwrapping God’s Greatest Gift'

Advent starts Sunday, Nov. 30. We will start an exciting new Advent program, Under Wraps: The Gift We Never Expected. Prepared and piloted by The Woodlands United Methodist Church in Houston, this joyful program explores some of God’s unexpected qualities, presented over the four weeks of Advent:

Under Wraps includes special sermons and worship activities, as well as study groups and resources for adults, youth, and children. This is an ALL-church, ALL-community series. PLEASE invite your friends and family to join us, as we unwrap God’s greatest gift, our Savior Jesus.

God Is Expectant

  • Bible Study: Tues Nov. 25 11am & 7pm (childcare provided)
  • Sun Nov. 30 9am (childcare provided)
  • Sunday Sermon: Nov. 30, 8am & 10am
God Is Dangerous
  • Bible Study: Tues Dec 2, 11am & 7 pm (childcare provided)
  • Sun Dec 7, 9am (childcare provided)
  • Sunday Sermon: Dec 7, 8am & 10am
God Is Jealous
  • Bible Study: Tues Dec 9, 11am & 7pm (childcare provided)
  • Sun Dec 14, 9am (childcare provided)
  • Sunday Sermon: Dec 14, 10 am ONLY(!) Church Musical
God Is Faithful
  • Bible Study: Tues: Dec 16, 11am & 7pm (childcare provided)
  • Sun Dec 21, 9am (childcare provided)
  • Sunday Sermon: Dec 21, 8 am & 10 am
A Season of Joy – Dec 24 6pm

Just as the first wrapped gift beneath the Christmas tree marks the new season, so the birth of Jesus on Christmas Day signaled that God’s hope and salvation and redemption plan had come into the world. In Jesus, God gift-wrapped himself in human flesh and was born in a stable so he could come and live among us and offer us life and salvation that we could never gain on our own.




  • Wendy Machala 11/24

  • Sam Cass 11/25


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