Say NO to DRINKING and Driving

By: Nayeli Rivas

What is DWI mean? and What does Felony mean?

DWI- Means while intoxicated

Felony- A crime typically one involving violence

5 Facts about Drinking and Driving

~driving on the wrong side of the road

~driving at a very slow or very fast speed that you can crash

~stopping without cause

~driving after dark with head lights off

~almost striking an object or vehicle

what are the cost of DWI?

~ 17,000 is the cost of it

30 ways in which a DWI can effect you?

~you can die

~you can crash and end up hearing the other person driving

~also be house arrest

~also go to prism

~it can give the person to get stress

~Your brain


~sometimes i think eyes




~and many more that the DWI can effect you

You need to list 5 ways to avoid drinking and driving?



~finding something else to do like: