Lineville Technology

Saige Valentine

Typing Web

-It helped use with are typing.

-We start at intermediate and then we went to the advanced.

-I had to type paragraphs and sentences.


-iTrailer is were you can make a trailer for a movie or just for fun.

-You can make iTrailer in the app iMovie.

-We made a iTrailer about ourselves in the beginning of the year.


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Career Locker

-We took test to see what are interests are.

-I had an idea of what I want to be when I grow up.

-It was very helpful to see the best ways I work and what I am interested in.


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Haiku Deck

-It is just another app that you can you can get on an iPhone, iPad, and other apple products.

-You can change the backgrounds and even put a picture in the background.

-Each person in our class made a Haiku Deck about what we want to be when we grow up.


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Email Etiquette

-We learned how to type emails.

-If we were just typing an email to a friend, we didn't have to be so formal.

-But, if we were typing to a teacher or your manager, you would have to be formal.

Explain Everything

-It is an app were you can make a presentation.

-When your in the process of making one, you can draw and record at the same time, so you can walk someone through a hard problem.

-You can explain anything and everything on this app.

Hour of Code

-The hour of code is done nation wide.

-It introduces computer programming to students all around the world.

-There is different characters that you can play with like Elsa, angry bird, and others.


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