Snapshot Learning

New - Week 4 Term 1


Reading - posters, running records, conferences

Inferring - Pete the Cat, a lesson idea

Comparing - Diving with giraffes with elephants on tramps

Predicting - Mourning Dove, The Piano and an anchor chart idea.

Character - 7 new additions

POV - Monkey Symphony, Teeth and the anchor chart

Guided Reading - The "docs" link and the guided reading pdf.

Phonics - Word building download and the What Is Phonemic Awareness link

Grammar - Punctuation Super Heroes, Compound words cookbook idea

Writing - A link to downloads

Persuasive Writing - Added 3 of the Super Bowl ads...I just LOVE the "hotdogs"!!! Plus a few NAPLAN style tasks.

Narrative Writing - NAPLAN style tasks.

Descriptive Writing - 4 great templates and a link to a Literacy Shed clip.

Procedures - How To Eat An Oreo.


Data and Chance - S2-3 Horse racing game and Fuzz Bugs
HEINZ Ketchup Game Day 2016 Hot Dog Commercial | "Wiener Stampede" - Extended Cut

Mixture of Resources

Daily 5 - Lots of newbies

TEN - Heaps of new resources

L3 - You guessed it ..... a few new ideas!

Classroom Displays & Word Walls - A few new pics to inspire

Data Walls -

Student Reflections - A new page, not many ideas yet...would you like to share your pics?

Assessment - Have you read Re-assessing Assessment? Plus the links for NAPLAN resources have been checked.

Apps - The Monsters, Verso, Dreamworks Color, Showbie Paperless and 4 Science apps

Science - A great "Space" dance lesson and the Solar System using a fruit scale ...soooo coooool

BYOD - Added a link to an exemplary site BYOD created by Sydney Secondary College - Leichhardt Campus.

Genius Hour - 6 newbies

STEM - Snow dough, zip liner, egg launcher, building structures

Student Empowerment - Mindfulness, resilience ideas, posters, building mindset.

Cyber Safety - Posti Network and Be Deadly Online

More - Continuum of Choice, Quotes from Characters

Art - Vis art lessons by DET, Howard Lee, "Lessons Inspired By", Art With Mr Hall.

Music Lessons by the DET and a free music lapbook.

Drama Lessons by the DET

Sustainability - A biodiversity clip and How Long Does It Last pic.

Coding - free break dancer code download,

Past in The Present - 5 newbies

Lego - A new page that will feature links to Lego resources

Capacity Building - Links from AITSL plus a link to TSA has been designed to provide clear, concise support for all teachers in relation to teaching standards, accreditation and registered professional development.
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First Contacts - Captain Cook - 3 newbies, First Australians - 4 resources,

Australian Colonies - Colonisation - 3 newbies,

Australia As A Nation - Federation - 4 resources

Beat Bugs - Teaser - Only On Netflix [HD]
Beat Bugs - A great predicting activity, imaginative or descriptive writing stimulus, S3 to research the nominated songs or the significance of the song titles or band names eg Beatles.