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Supplemental Aids for Secondary

What exactly are supplemental aids?

TEA says that they are paper-based resources that assist a student with a disability in recalling information.

Watch the video and listen for at least one idea that is personally relevant to you.

How We Make Memories - Crash Course Psychology #13

Let's Get Specific!

  • Examine these examples and non-examples.
  • In your groups, discuss why each support is categorized as an example or a non-example.
  • How could you change some of the non-examples to make them appropriate supports according to TEA's rules?

Best Practices for Implementation

Anchor it for the WHOLE class.

All students can benefit from these supports. While it is true that only select students may receive these supports in written form on the day of STAAR, any student can be taught to "brain dump" prior to an exam.

Make It Interactive!

Turn it into a foldable or a table anchor to provide students the opportunity to learn to self- navigate to helpful supports. Ask students, "Is there something in your notebook/folder that can help you answer that question?"

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Start a Supplemental Aid Folder

Collect data on which students require specific supports for success. Turn those supports into TEA-friendly aids and have students add them to a special folder with their name on it. Allow students who qualify for supplemental aids to use this folder during all in-class assignments and assessments. This folder should grow with the student throughout the year.

How can I find pre-approved supplemental aids?

Visit tinyurl.com/aisdspecialeducation and open your desired subject folder. Once inside, you will find a Middle School folder and inside of that there is a folder titled, "Supplemental Aids."

What if I need more support?

Please contact me with questions or to approve teacher-created supplemental aids.

Liz Nix

Special Education Curriculum Specialist