Isabella of Castile (Political)

By: Hunter Ross 1A

Timeline of Isabella of Castile

Born on 1451 and died on 1504,

Being known as the queen of Castile and Aragon, Isabella played one of the most important parts on Spain's History. She ended up married to Ferdinand of Aragon in 1469, this marriage led to the union of Spain's largest kingdoms, Castile and Aragon (duh), this led to the foundation of future Spain.

She was also very famous for sponsoring Christopher Columbus' trips to the new world. Funding Columbus' for any voyages that he needed to go to, since she was one of the few that actually supported Columbus of these trips.

She had 5 children, which one known as Catherine of Aragon, who married England's King Henry VIII.

During her time, Spanish law was made, roads were made and coinage was made mandatory, with all of this going on she and her husband made war on the Muslims, who held part in south Spain, they ended up capturing the Muslim stronghold of Granada in 1492, the same year Jews were ordered to be Christian or to leave the new country of Spain.

A huge misconception of her is that she was not only known for her contribution to Columbus' Voyages, but her contribution to the Catholic Church, the Arts, and some literature during her time.

You want no Jews? and Muslims a go? Call on in Isabella~!

Isabella of Castile impacted the new world, with her laws of the land with her husband with abolishing all the Jews and forcing everyone to become Catholic within Spain, which does help the Catholic church with many things. She imposed everything of difference of Christianity, and went to war with the Muslims in 1492, which led to Spain's victory. So obviously she impacted Religion and Political positions in her ruling. ALONG with Intellectual, Artistic, and other aspects, but just not as openly. She supported Columbus and also contributed to many of things in her ruling.

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