Winborn Eagle Eye

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

New Principal Letter

Dear Diane Winborn families,

It is my pleasure to announce that I, Leah Lowry, am the new Principal of Diane Winborn Elementary. I have been blessed to be able to work with the students, parents, staff, and community members of Winborn for the past six years as assistant principal. I am excited to continue the collaborative and innovative legacy that has been established along with the high level of student achievement. I believe that communication is a vital key to a successful school and educational experience. The partnership between the school, students, families, and community will allow us to continue to improve the quality of our school and provide unparalleled learning experiences for all children. I am honored to be your Principal!

Kindest Regards,

Leah Lowry

Read, Deed, Run

There will be a Read, Deed, Run meeting today in the cafeteria after school for all Read, Deed, Run participants!

Calendar for Thursday, March 24th - Wednesday, March 30th

Thursday, 3/24 - Rotation Day 1, I-station 7:45am

Friday, 3/25 - School Holiday - No School!

Monday, 3/28 - Rotation Day 2, I-station 7:45am, 4th Grading Period Begins, Challenge

Tuesday, 3/29 - Rotation Day 0, No Choir rehearsal, I-station 7:45am, STAAR 5th Gr. Math, Closed Campus, Challenge

Wednesday, 3/30 - Rotation Day 0, I-station 7:45am, STAAR 5th Gr. Reading, STAAR 4th Gr. Writing, Closed Campus, Report cards displayed in HAC, No Drama Club rehearsal

No School Friday, March 25th!

There is no school on Friday, March 25th due to Good Friday. We hope you have a wonderful day and weekend.

Closed Campus for STAAR Testing

The campus will be closed for ALL visitors on Tuesday, March 29th & Wednesday, March 30th. Please make sure your student has lunch money or brings their lunch on these two days since the campus will be closed for lunch visitors. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding of this policy during STAAR testing.